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核心提示:高中二年级牛津英语训练册翻译 第一课翻译: 1.你一旦作出承诺,就需要信守诺言。 Once you have made a promise, you must kee

高中二年级牛津英语训练册翻译 第一课翻译: 1.你一旦作出承诺,就需要信守诺言。 once you have made a promise, you must keep your word. 2.所有都筹备就绪,他们迫不及待地要启动这个项目。 Having prepared everything, they are dying to get the programme started. (After preparing everything, they are dying to get the programme started.) When/ After/ As soon as they have prepared everything, they are dying to get the programme started. They have prepared everything, and they are dying to get the program started. 3.乘客可以在飞机起飞前一个半小时开始办理登机手续。 Passengers can/ may begin to check in an/ one hour and a half before the flight/ the plane takes off. 4.说实话,我不太同意你昨天在会议上提出的建议。 To be honest, I do not quite agree with the suggestions you made/ put forward/ came up with at yesterday’s meeting. 5.尽管遇到一些困难,最后她还是提前完成了任务。(despite, manage to) Despite some difficulties, she managed to finish/ complete/ fulfill the task ahead of time/ schedule. 6.虽然那是好多年前的事了,但仍然历历在目。 Even though it was so many years ago, I can still remember it clearly. / it is still there in my memory/ in my mind. 7.为了能在校运会上获得好成绩,她正在刻苦练习。 She is practicing/ training diligently/ very hard in order to do well in the school sports meet/ meeting. 8.两家建筑公司参与了这个体育馆的设计工作。 (be involved in) Two construction companies are involved in the design of the gymnasium. 9. 她在论文中提到了这个问题,但没作深入剖析。 She referred to the problem in her paper, but didn’t make a deep/ deeper analysis . 10.这种新软件既操作方便又具备强大的功能。 This new kind of software combines easy operation with powerful functions. Combine A and B Combine A with B 11.总的说来,他和他的爸爸非常相像。(in many ways) He looks like/ re百度竞价推广bles his father in many ways. 12. 去年以来,这种产品的价格已大幅度上涨。 This kind of commodity/ goods has soared since last year. 第二课翻译 第二课 1. 通过互联网教育,他非常不错地学会了商务英语。 He gained a good command of Business English through e-learning. 2. 考试作弊就要受到处罚。 If you cheat in exams, you will be punished. 3. 因为事先得到警告,所以无人受伤。 Everyone was warned in advance. As a result, nobody was hurt. As a result of the warning, nobody was hurt. 4. 这个课程有十节课,但老师给大家补充了一节复习课。 This course had ten lessons, but our teacher gave us a supplementary revision lesson. 5. 他们吸收我为网球会所会员。 They enrolled me as a member of the tennis club. 6. 影响你选择一所大学非常重要的原因是什么? What is the most important factor which influences/ your decision to choose a university? What factor has the influence on you in choosing a university? influence my decision抽象的用influence influence sb. to do sth. 促进/劝说。。。做某事 affect your health/ heart具体 7. 这部分植物快要死了,由于他罪行水浇得不够。(目前完成进行时) The plants are dying because he has not been watering them enough recently. 8. 大家没法解决眼前的困难。 We are not able to find a solution to the difficulty/ difficulties/ trouble/ troubles facing us now. We can find no solution to the troubles facing us now. Have difficulty in doing sth. 不可数 trouble Face Sb. Face the difficulties Difficulties face sb. Sb. is faced with the difficulty. 9. 老师说这个新来的学生在课堂上非常害臊。 Our teacher described this new student as shy in class. 10.你明天便捷给大家回复吗? Would it be convenient for you to give us a reply tomorrow? Reply to my question 不说reply to me Respond to a question Respond to sb. 11. 她天天都有非常多信函要处置。 She has a lot of / much correspondence to deal with every day. 12.警方对这次爆炸袭击事件维持缄默。 The police made no comment on the bomb attack. 第三课翻译前半部分 1. 在演说中,李教授讲了个故事来讲明他的看法。 In his/ the presentation/ speech, Professor Li told a story to illustrate his point of view. 2. 上周末,他带上女儿去拜访她的老师。(bring along) He brought along his daughter to visit her teacher last weekend. 3. 我对爵士乐不太感兴趣。(be keen on) I am not very keen on jazz. 4. 很多动物因受到保护而免于灭绝。 Many animals are protected so that they will not become extinct./ are not extinct/ will not be extinct. 5. 常言道:画是无声的诗。 As the saying goes, painting is silent poetry. It is a common saying that painting is silent poetry. “Painting is silent poetry” is ann old saying. 6. 灯忽然全灭了,这太可怕了。 The lights suddenly went out, / The lights all went out suddenly, which was terrible. 7. 她到过很多城市,其中有的给她留下了深刻的印象。 She has been to many cities, some of which have made a deep impression on her. Make/leave a deep impression on sb. Make/leave sb. a deep impression Give sb. a deep impression 8. 自然界会惩罚任何违背她的人。 Anyone who goes against nature will be punished. Nature will punish anyone who goes against her. 9. 该组织旨在促进各国之间的友谊。 This organization aims to promote/ at promoting the friendship between/among various/different countries. 10. 很多疾病与抽烟有关。 A lot of diseases are linked to smoking. 11. 邻居们由于狗吠向警察投诉。 Neighbours complained to the police about the dogs’ barking. / the barking of dogs. 11. 想过上健康而有意义的生活的人必须要找时间训练。 Those who want to adopt a healthy and meaningful lifestyle should find time to exercise. 1. 这家用电器影院开张营业的时候,很多的电影明星获邀出席开幕仪式。 When this cinema opened for business, many famous movie stars were invited to the opening ceremony. Invite sb. to sp. Invite sb. to do sth. 2. 为了扩大业务,这家时装企业的首席实行官计划今年在上海开十家直销店。 In order to expand the business, the CEO of this fashion company planned/plans to set up ten outlets in Shanghai this year. Chief Executive Officer 3. 从美国回来后,他完全接管了爸爸的饭店,由于老人年事已高,没能力再经营下去了。 He completely took over his father’s restaurant after he came back from the United States because his father was too old to run/manage his business/ it. After returning from the USA, he took over complete ownership of the restaurant from his father who was too old to manage it. 4. PRC是中华人民共和国的英文名字的缩写。 PRC stands for the People’s Republic of China. The letters ‘PRC’ stand for… 5. 面对困难只是抱怨无疑是费时。 No doubt to just complain when you face/facing difficulties is a waste of time. There is no doubt that to just complain when facing difficulties is a waste of time. In the face of difficulty. 6. 他对这次选举的结果非常失望,沉默不语。(过去分词短语作缘由状语) Disappointed at the result of the election, he kept silent./ he did not say a word. 7. 校长带领客大家参观了校园,校园的新貌给他们留下了深刻的印象。(过去分词短语作时间状语) Lead sb. to sp. Taken around the school by the principal, the visitors were impressed by/with its new look. Sth. impress sb.= sb is impressed by sth. Impress sb. with sth Sb be impressed with sth. with 8. 假如给他一点帮,他就能再英语学习上赶上来。(过去分词短语作条件状语) If given a little help, he could/can catch up with others in English. 9. 虽然多次警告他上班不要迟到,这个年青人还是一直迟到。(过去分词短语作让步状语) Although warned not to be late for work several times, this young man kept being late. When he was late for school for the first time, his teacher forgave him. The first time he was late for school, …. It is the first time that he has been late for school. 10. 这家速食餐厅的老板说,他的目的就是设法满足客户的需要。 The owner of the fast- food restaurant said that his aim was to try to meet his customers’ needs. 11. 这家超市环境整洁而舒适,向客户提供的产品品种丰富。 This supermarket has a tidy and comfortable environment, providing customers with a wide range of goods. The environment of the supermarket is tidy and comfortable, and the supermarket provides customers with a wide range of goods. 12. 怀特教授也要为这个讲坛作筹备,由于万一史密斯教授缺席,他就可以顶上。 Prepare for the lecture Professor White should also prepare for the lecture because he could take the place of Prof. White in case Prof. White was absent.

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